Hyaluron Pen Infusions


What is Hyaluron Pen?

Hyaluron Pen is an innovative device that uses extremely effective technology by method of pressure technology which allows enough air pressure to launch hyaluronic mixture (hyaluronic acid gel) into the skin without the use of an invasive needle.

What is No-needle Lips Infusion?

The Hyaluron pen is a needle-free system that uses air pressure to bring Pure hyaluronic acid gel into the skin in a non-invasive way with NO needles! Besides this method of entry, it works exactly the same as lips filler, which you may be more familiar with. This is a completely safe treatment and is great for those with needle phobias, no anesthetic is required and most importantly no complications.

How does it work?

Pressure Technology allows intradermal delivery of hyaluronic acid gel and vitamin complexes without the use of needles. Pure hyaluronic acid gel is introduced to the top of dermis using a high-pressure device. The Hyaluron Pen infusion device is a ampule without a needle, therefore, making the procedure virtually painless and available for estheticians to perform! Due to the multi-shot control system technology within the device and the increased density of subsequent layers of skin, the infusion does not penetrate deeper than the top of dermis layer. The preparation infused under the skin spreads into the shape of a cone, significantly reducing a break in the skin’s continuity.

The treatments are done every 3-4 weeks until the desired result is achieved. On average 2-4 sessions are required depending on the volume you would like to get. After that last up to year depends from skin and after care.

What areas can be treated?

The Hyaluron Pen can be used to create volume, shape and lift. The most common treatment areas include Lips, nasolabial lines, marionette lines and 11 lines. This treatment is perfect for creating a naturally plump pouty lip. It also is great for plumping up shallow wrinkles caused from aging of the skin.


- 100% natural hyaluronic acid gel
- No needles
- No pain
- Instant results
- Possible small bruising and swelling


As safe as this procedure is there are a few restrictions to who can receive it. If you are pregnant or nursing you can not receive this service until you have completely stopped breast feeding. If you have sensitivity or have an allergy to lidocaine let the technician know ahead of time. In some cases a topical numbing agent will be used so if you are sensitive to lidocaine you will want to skip this step. If you have a history of oral herpes or cold sores you should be treated with an antiviral medication before the procedure.
lips enhancement

from $350 45min

now from $150
chin enhancement

from $300 30min

now from $150
cheeks enhancement

from $450 40min

now from $150
mesotherapy for skin tightening - small area

from $250 30min

now from $150
mesotherapy for skin tightening - big area

from $450 60min

now from $150
wrinkles, lines

from $250 30min

now from $150


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