Jelly Mask Treatment


Jelly Mask Treatment

High-quality modeling mask with the addition of vitamins, has a good effect on the skin and also helps to reduce pigmentation.

After removing the mask, the skin is:

– soft
– tightened
– nourished from the inside
– fine wrinkles are less noticeable
– smoothes pores and gives relief to the skin
– the complexion is leveled, it becomes lighter and fresher

How do we use it?

We put powder to the bowl, plus warm water, mixing, then spreading the modeling mask all over your face. We suggest applying in sections – left cheek, right cheek, chin, nose, forehead, lips (optional) – in order to get the smoothest application. It’s like you’re frosting a cupcake… but instead it’s your face!
from $60   30min
face and neck
from $100   40min
face, neck, chest
from $150   50min


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